About QSC

QSC designs and manufactures high-performance loudspeakers, digital mixers, power amplifiers, digital cinema solutions, and the Q-SYSTM software-based audio, video and control ecosystem. QSC offers reliable, scalable and flexible solutions for professional installed, portable, production, corporate and cinema applications.

The Q-SYS Ecosystem is an integrated audio, video and control platform that’s built on standard off-the-shelf IT hardware/network infrastructure, allowing it to integrate with other IT platforms. The flexible software foundation of the Q-SYS Ecosystem scales simply and cost effectively, reducing the need for dedicated hardware and eliminating complex integration workarounds that are common to traditional AV&C solutions.

Q-SYS Control Plugin

Independent Q-SYS programming firm, Forward Thinking Designs developed a control plugin that enables simple integration of the Sennheiser SpeechLine Digital Wireless system into the Q-SYS Ecosystem. The plugin allows users to monitor RF signal, battery level and transmitter audio level. It also provides users the ability to mute/unmute microphone, add low-cut filter, change sound profile and pair devices from a native Q-SYS touch screen controller.

The plugin is now available to download with Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager, a web-based repository accessible through Q-SYS Designer Software.

Zur Q-SYS Designer Software Seite

Compatible Sennheiser Products

SpeechLine Digital Wireless

The SpeechLine Digital Wireless series provides reliable and highly flexible solutions tailored to education and corporate applications. It is widely scalable and answers best all needs of your everyday working and lecturing environment - from small room setups to huge campus-wide installations.

TeamConnect Ceiling 2

The new ceiling array microphone offers superior audio quality for voice and video conferences thanks to its automatic adaptive beamforming technology. It provides the greatest versatility and interoperability with control plugin from QSC.

Downloads Plugins

  • TeamConnect Ceiling 2 PlugIns for Q-SYS

    • Sennheiser TCC2 v1_0_1.qplug (2.735 Kb)

  • SpeechLine Digital Wireless PlugIns for Q-SYS

    • Sennheiser Speechline Digital Wireless - v2.0.0.qplug (130 Kb)

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